Pirate IPTV : 12 arrested for hacking pay-TV channels

Pirate IPTV : 12 arrested for hacking pay-TV channels

The National Police have arrested twelve people for illegally marketing with pay-TV channels and videos on demand ‘Pirate IPTV” with those serving about 20,000 customers. In addition, seven web pages and two profiles on social networks have been closed where the services offered by the organization were announced.

In the dismantling of this network, 86 television signal decoders, 15 hard drives, 10 computers, 17 mobile phones, a high-end vehicle, two NAS servers and 22,919 euros in cash have also been intervened.

Of the twelve detainees, four were responsible for obtaining the television signal and its subsequent illegal dissemination to publicize the service they provided. They were also responsible for capturing customers, facilitating and managing their access and making the corresponding charges.

Therefore, the activity carried out by the group consisted in the legal obtaining of the signal emitted by the main pay-TV platforms, to subsequently fraudulently upload said signal to servers abroad of different companies.

In turn, they developed a parallel activity aimed at publicizing their services, spreading their offers and attracting customers, who facilitated access to content hosted on servers at a much lower price than the market, using software intended to the accommodation of channel listings and access guides to them.

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The efforts made allowed the identification of the twelve members that formed the investigated network and were divided into two hierarchical levels. A first step formed by four people in charge of obtaining the television signal and its subsequent illegal dissemination, publicizing the service they provided, attracting customers, facilitating and managing their accesses, as well as charging them, mainly through digital payment platforms.

A second level consisting of eight members called “re-sellers”, whose main activity was to acquire the services of the first level at a reduced cost – derived from the high purchase volume – to later market them among their customers.

In total, 20,000 customers from Spain and other countries with whom they obtained an economic benefit of over one million euros, with an investment in technical support that would have amounted to about 70,000 euros.


In 2017, the department of the Central Cyber crime Unit of active patrolling in social networks detected a Facebook page that, at that time, had more than 1,700 followers and offered access to pay-TV channels and Videos on demand illegally.

After the two years of investigation and monitoring of the web pages, the twelve members of the plot have been arrested. In addition, thirteen entries and registrations have been made at addresses and real estate in Madrid, Toledo, La Rioja, Ávila, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Alicante, Murcia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valladolid, among which was a commercial premises for the sale and marketing of television and Internet services.

The detainees are charged with crimes against intellectual, industrial, market and consumer property, belonging to a criminal organization and money laundering.

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